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Megawastu is nominated as one of the most popular client on Masterwebnet.com

Mon 19-09-2011 07:42:20


PT. Megawastu Solusindo is one of PT. Masterwebnet's popular client as listed on their website: http://www.masterweb.net/Hosting_Indonesia-klien.html

New Megawastu's Channel on YouTube

Fri 02-09-2011 04:16:54


Yes, we do have a new channel on YouTube. Care for a visit? http://www.youtube.com/user/megawastu
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PT. Megawastu Solusindo was incorporated in September, 2003 with the mission of providing total IT solution for the banks in Indonesia. Our solution covers treasury software solution and PC / server rental and maintenance for running real-time market information and trading system in bank's treasury.



  • Bank Mega
  • Bank OCBC NISP
  • Bank Jabar Banten
  • Bank Negara Indonesia