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Hardware Rental Solution

Fri 26-08-2011 07:16:14


We provide hardware rental and maintenance services for running real-time information system and trading system ( Reuters , Bloomberg, etc ) with competitive price to corporate users.

  • PCs / Workstations
  • Monitors and LCDs
  • Intelligent Keyboard System, trading room keyboard system
  • Servers

ECP - Dealing Data Store

Fri 26-08-2011 06:56:52


Capture and storage of all printed Reuters and EBS documents, including all conversations. Special reports (i.e. credit listings) in full support of your audit requirements. Centralization of back office operations maximizing efficiency and minimizing paper output.
  • Substitution of all dealing printers and eliminate paper tickets
  • Electronic Storage and Archiving
  • Covers FX, Money Market and Options
  • Connection of foreign trading floors to a central back office
  • Online retrieval of stored documents
  • ...

SmartFX - Deal Automation

Fri 26-08-2011 04:21:15


The online trading solution for the bank's treasury

  • Automated Forex Dealing System
  • Real-time FX Special Rate Pricing Engine
  • Flexible Pricing Engine with configurable margin formula
  • Real-time position and P/L monitoring (Blotter)
  • Electronic trade confirmation /ticket
  • ...